About us



 Cory is a visionary.

A visionary who believes in making the world a better place by empowering people to have self-confidence, chase their dreams & ultimately, become the best versions of themselves. 


At first, Golden47 was simply

Cory in his mom's basement, creating quality hoodies and trying to sell them at school...

But Golden47 was meant to be more than "Just another clothing brand".

3 Years Later, Golden47 is wayyyyyyyyy more than that.

Aside from creating awesome, premium clothing lines designed in Canada, having over 15 000 satisfied customers & 100's of five star reviews.

With the help of our amazing community,

Golden 47 also managed to provide thousands of dollars to Mental Health Research Organizations and helped hundreds of people in need to put food on their table!

Last but not least something great was built along the way :

A community of awesome people who believe in themselves, strive to make their dreams a reality & make the world a better place.

And that my friends is what Golden47 is all about...



Founder & CEO of Golden47apparel

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